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"The roadmap provided for Crypto 4 A Cause outlines a series of activities and milestones that the organization plans to achieve in the coming quarters."
Phase 1: Concept Development (Q1 - Q2)
  • Conduct market research and gather insights into the current health data management landscape
  • Define the product vision, mission, and goals
  • Outline the core features and functionalities of the dapp
  • Establish the design and architecture of the blockchain
  • Develop a business plan and secure funding
Phase 2: Design and Development (Q3 - Q4)
  • Design and develop the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the dapp
  • Develop the back-end infrastructure for the blockchain
  • Integrate the blockchain technology and NFT smart contracts into dapp
  • Test and refine the dapp to ensure it is user-friendly and secure
Phase 3: Testing and Launch (Q1 - Q2)
  • Conduct thorough testing and bug fixing of the blockchain
  • Obtain all necessary certifications and approvals from relevant authorities
  • Prepare for the launch of the dapp, including marketing and PR activities
  • Launch the dapp on the blockchain and mobile platforms
Phase 4: Global Expansion
  • Extend the global network of C4C to support local charitable causes
  • Expand the decentralized swap to support additional languages and currencies
  • Build out additional features, such as a C4C debit card, digital wallet for easy donation and spending of C4C tokens
  • Explore potential collaborations with other decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to build out a comprehensive financial ecosystem for charitable causes
  • Expand the impact measurement system to support global causes and measure progress at a global scale
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