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Use Cases for OMoD Dapp

OMoD has a range of use cases across the healthcare industry, including:


OMoD provides patients with complete control over their medical data, allowing them to choose who can access it and when. This ensures that patients' data is protected from unauthorized access, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and misuse.

Healthcare Providers

OMoD provides healthcare providers with a secure and decentralized storage solution for patient data. This ensures that medical data is protected from unauthorized access and is available to healthcare providers when they need it.


OMoD provides researchers with access to patient data, enabling them to conduct research on various medical conditions. With patients' consent, researchers can use OMoD to access medical data and develop new treatments for various conditions.

Insurance Companies

OMoD provides insurance companies with access to medical data, enabling them to assess risk and provide appropriate insurance coverage. With patients' consent, insurance companies can use OMoD to access medical data and offer personalized insurance coverage.