Governance in a Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C) system refers to how decisions are made about the platform. These decisions might involve creating new features, changing existing features, or using resources. One way to make these decisions is through on-chain governance, where holders of governance tokens can vote on proposed changes. If the vote passes, the changes are automatically implemented through smart contracts.
The team behind the C4C system may also be responsible for implementing certain changes that are approved through the governance process. This might be necessary if the changes are complex or affect how the system operates.
Holders of C4C tokens are given certain privileges, like the right to vote or make proposals, to ensure that the platform is democratically governed and that all token holders have a say in its direction and operation. Fees may also be collected within the system, and token holders can vote on whether to distribute some of these fees as dividends.
Overall, the goal of the C4C governance system is to make sure the platform is responsive to its users and is run transparently and responsibly. By giving privileges to token holders and using on-chain governance, the C4C platform can be democratically governed and adapt to the needs of its users.