Q: How does the charity aspect work in Crypto 4 A Cause?
A: Crypto 4 A Cause allows its users to vote on proposals to donate money to charity. The community decides where they want the funds to go and how much they want to donate. This gives everyone a say in making the world a better place.
Q: How do I get involved in the charity aspect of Crypto 4 A Cause?
A: To get involved, you need to have C4C tokens. You can farm NFTs to receive C4C, and then use those tokens to vote on proposals. The more tokens you have, the more weight your vote will carry. And as a bonus, participating in certain votes may even enter you into a raffle for an education grant!
Q: Can I suggest a charity for donation?
A: Absolutely! In fact, one of the things that makes Crypto 4 A Cause unique is its commitment to community involvement. Users are encouraged to suggest charities they believe in, and the community can vote on those proposals to see if they become the next recipient of a donation.
Q: How do I know that the funds are going to the right place?
A: That's a great question. Crypto 4 A Cause has a proposal monitoring system in place to ensure that the funds are being used appropriately. The community can vote on proposals to monitor charities and make sure that the donations are being used in the way that was intended.
Q: Can I see where the funds have been donated in the past?
A: Yes! The community has a record of all previous donations, so you can see where your C4C tokens have made a difference.
Last modified 1yr ago